Ortho Plus 3d - Modernise your practice and its processes with 3d Orthodontic model scanning, storage, retrieval and analysis.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to wait for a model to download each time I want to view it?

No. When a model first becomes available it will be downloaded to your computer or local server to view it. It will then be stored locally and be instantly available.

What happens if my computer fails and I can't retrieve my model data?

Just download another copy of our model manager application to another computer and login using your existing details. Your models will then be available to download.

Can I create my own backup copy of my model files?

Absolutely. Although you have 24/7 access to your files online, all model files are stored on your local computer/server in a location of your choice. They are stored in an easy to read format allowing you full access to your files.

How long does it take to download the models?

This ultimately depends on your internet speed, but an impression set will typically take about a minute to download. Once downloaded, the models will be stored locally and so be available instantly.

Do I need the Full analyser software?

No, definitely not, but It depends if how often you would analyse cases etc. Unlike the few other companies providing digital services we have options and we provide our own free management software which is easy to use.

Do you cast the impressions in-house?

Yes. As we are also a laboratory we cast everything here including all your appliances so it can be all under one roof! saving less admisistration / time / costs.

What happens to the plaster models?

They are disposed of if you do not require them returning to you or, alternatively, we can store them at our labs.

How long do I have to wait before i can view my models?

You will be able to view/download models approx 7 days from when we receive your impressions. (Quick 3d scanned models can also be arranged with prior notice)

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