Ortho Plus 3d - Modernise your practice and its processes with 3d Orthodontic model scanning, storage, retrieval and analysis.

Digital Study Models:

OrthoPlus 3D allows your plaster models to be digitised, stored and can be analysed at anytime online. Digital Study Models offer advantages that include instant storage and retrieval, cleanliness and practice development benefits - its a great way to show your patients that they have entered a new era.

OrthoPlus 3D is brought to you by the experts at Pdl-Euro Laboratories so we have the experience and skills to support you all the way and help you to modernise and streamline how you work.

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View your model orientations

OrthoPlus 3D will digitise your plaster study model and provide you with a high accuracy, high resolution three dimensional version of your patients' teeth which will be available to view online anywhere and anytime.

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Analyse and measure in 3 Dimensions

Viewing and analysis software is available which will allow you to perform a number of viewing and analysis functions - so you can deal with patients questions and concerns more quickly and efficiently.

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