Ortho Plus 3d - Modernise your practice and its processes with 3d Orthodontic model scanning, storage, retrieval and analysis.

Our Products and Services

Orthoplus3d can digitise your plaster study models and provide you with a highly accurate, high-resolution three dimensional version of your patients' teeth with a simple free viewer.

Upgrade to the full ortho analyser.

Upgrading will enable you to perform more detailed viewing and analysis functionality. Please call us for to find out more. We can also offer a total solution to managing your patients records in a more secure and accessible environment.

Model Pouring

As we are a laboratory it means that you don’t have to send your impressions for casting elsewhere before digitising. Just send the impressions with a wax bite as usual.

Back catalogue Scanning

If you have a large quantity of old models that you do not want to dispose of, but cannot afford the space they are taking up, we would be happy to take your complete back catalogue and digitise them. We can even arrange collection from your practice.

We can then keep the plaster models for you, return them to you or dispose of them if you’d prefer.

Model Reproduction from Digital Format

There are a number of new technologies available which can be used to recreate a physical model from the Digital Study Model we provide to you.

Never have the worry of losing a patient's model again

In just a few days, we can provide you with an exact replica of your original models from your Digital Study Models using the latest 3d printers.

Safely retrieve your Models – wherever you are

Your Digital Study Models will be available to you via our website www.orthoplus3d.com where you can simply login using your unique security code and download the models straight to your computer. The models are available for you to view and can be simply incorporated into your own backup procedures.

Storage of Traditional Records

We can also store your old paper patient records and even old study models that do not need to be digitised. Call us for more details.

Data Protection

Othoplus3d will make every effort to protect your personal data and that of your patients. We are registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 with the commissioner’s office (ICO).

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